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How Function Start Makes Are Focusing on Small Buyers & Ladies to seize Market Share

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Good afternoon, ladies and men, and thank you for lending. Welcome to the Rocky Makes third fraction Monetary 2019 Business Profits Call. [Instructions owner] I would like to help remind everyone this conference call is being recorded. Let me now the seminar on Brendon Frey ICR. Remember to try, sir. Thank you, Hector, and thank you, all of us subscribe to that point. Before you start out, please be aware that the current period, such as T & A opportunity, perhaps before looking statements as determined by where you Edit Securities Litigation Act of 1995. These statements provide data and assumptions which may be obtained at this time and they are sensitive to alterations, pitfalls and uncertainties that brands may trigger real results to significant fluctuations. We assume no obligation to update these statements. For a complete discussion of the pitfalls and uncertainties, you need to reference the current press release and our comments filed using the filing, including our 10-E 30 December for your broken months and 1 December 2018. I will now pass the seminar Streams Jason, CEO of Rocky did. A big thank you, Brandon. Camping on the current contact is Ben Robertson, our key economic police officer. Our third quarter results and 12 months on the day have been influenced by our ability to exploit the real chances of secret expansion we Christensen sets sights have now recognized for your business. With about three parts separate business: wholesale, list and military, and several groups inside the big, there are many ways to expand that individuals can go after

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